Minutes of the first elected Parish Council 1894

MINUTES OF THE COLN ST ALDWYNS PARISH COUNCIL MEETING held in the Playground on 25 January at 3 pm
Present: David Hicks-Beach, Nigel Bray, John Reeves, Carol Collet and Ian Powell and parish clerk Clare Brignall


  1. There were no apologies for absence
  2. There were no declarations of interest
  3. Council unanimously approved the minutes of the meeting of 8 December 2020, which were signed by the chairman and the clerk.
  4. The District Councillor was unable to attend. There is some uncertainty about whether or not local elections can take place in May. Clerk will contact CDC.
  5. Accounts: The council reviewed the 20/21 accounts as at 25.1.2021 (on file) and unanimously authorised the six cheques listed at the bottom of the accounts. The accounts were unanimously approved.
  6. Planning: Council was told that the application for 15 Main Street and The New Inn are still ongoing. Council agreed to all go down to the New Inn after the meeting to review the flue situation.
  7. Playground: NB reported that the new beam has been put up and that there is a problem with one of the diagonal supports on the zipwire where there is considerable splintering. NB also said that he would source new rubber matting from Mole Valley in the spring.
  8. Smiley Sid: the new speed sign is now up and working well.
  9. Tree planting: JR agreed to make a list of ash trees that should come.
  10. DHB asked Council to approve a date for a litter pick in March and the date of 20 March was agreed on.
  11. Council discussed the idea of applying for a 20 mph speed limit in the village and also the possibility of moving the 30 mph speed sign a bit further out of the village on the Aldsworth road.
  12. IP presented the draft budget for 2021/2, which was unanimously approved. There would be only a small difference of £110 to reflect an increased expenditure on the playground inspection and the internal audit bringing the total of budgeted expenditure to £5,802. Council was told that costs would be met if the (remove - 'precept') Council Tax was left as it is (remove 'at') giving a precept of £5816 and Council unanimously approved this.
  13. Dates of the next meetings: Council agreed the date of  22 March at 3 pm in the Playground for the next meeting and 17 May 2021 at 5 pm for the Annual General Meeting.