Minutes of the first elected Parish Council 1894

held on 10th May 2022 at 6 pm in Vicarage Cottage Barn

Present: David Hicks Beach, Will Perkins, Helen Forbes, Ian Powell and Clare Brignall (Parish Clerk)

  1. David Hicks Beach was re-elected as Chair, proposed by Will Perkins and seconded by Helen Forbes
  2. Will Perkins was elected as Vice Chair, proposed by David Hicks Beach and seconded by Helen Forbes
  3. The Chair and Vice Chair signed their declarations of acceptance
  4. The Standing Orders were approved and it was agreed that a new version would be approved at the September meeting, using the CDC version as a template
  5. Financial Regulations were approved and it was agreed that a new version would be approved at the September meeting, using the CDC version as a template
  6. There are no seconded appointments
  7. There are no appointments to outside bodies
  8. The Code of Conduct drawn up by the Cotswold District Council was approved as a template for the parish council



  1.  The financial statement for the 2021/2022 accounts as at year end 31/03/22  was approved. There is a reserves balance of around £14,000 and it was agreed that this year we should set up a grass cutting reserve. The reserves were agreed.
  2. The asset register was approved
  3. Page 1 of the Agar report, a summary of the Internal Auditor's Report was received and signed, and will be reviewed in more detail at the next parish council meeting, apart from page 1 of Agar
  4. The Annual Governance & Accountability Return 2021/2022 was completed
  5. The Governance statement, p. 5 was approved
  6. The Financial statement, p. 6 was approved
  7. The Certificate of exemption, p. 3 was approved



  1. Apologies were received from Carol Bond
  2. The existing declarations of interest forms were checked and a change was made to Helen Forbes’s form
  3. It was minuted that the insurance policy was reviewed in January and paid in February but not minuted at the March meeting
  4. Nigel Bray and David Hicks Beach were elected as playground inspectors, with inspections carried out by RoSpa and Macventure
  5. Nigel Bray was re-elected as an internal playground auditor
  6. Will Perkins was re-elected as an internal accounts checker
  7. GAPTC was approved as the internal auditor for 2022/23
  8. Carol Bond was elected to continue as defibrillator checker
  9. The churchyard mowing payment arrangements for 2022-23 were agreed. It was asked that an estimate for the costs be requested from the church treasurer


  1. There were no declarations of interest
  2. The March 2022 minutes were signed off
  3. The 2021/2022 accounts and cheques were approved. The council approved £500 to be given to the Jubilee celebrations – although it is possible that the sum will be less in the end.
  4. The RoSpa audit of the playground was discussed, but there are no outstanding issues to be dealt with.
  5. Council discussed recent planning applications: Williamstrip railings have come down; the garages at 18 Main Street have been sold; CDC have told the New Inn that they have to put red bricks around the flu vent. Council agreed to tell CDC that as a council we feel that it should be wrapped in Cotswold limestone.
  6. There were no urgent maintenance issues, including drains and potholes. Council was told about the website “Fill that Hole” to report potholes, via the cycling community.
  7. The next meetings were set for Wednesday September 28th and December 6th at the  Vicarage Cottages Barnat 7 pm.

The AGM was followed by a Village Meeting, at which the following people spoke:
CDC                                         Ray Theodolou
GCC                                         Dom Morris (report read by David Hicks Beach)
Speeding and Parking             Helen Forbes
Choir                                       Kate Hicks Beach (read by David HB)
Coln Stores                              Glenn Stephens (read by David HB)
Hatherop Primary School       Taryn Hancock (read by David HB)
Bellringers                               John Reeves
Coln Cinema                            Nick Brett
Church                                    Simon Brignall
Cricket Club                             Andrew Sykes
Jubilee Picnic                          Helen Forbes
Parish Council                         David Hicks Beach


SUMMARY OF THE MINUTES OF THE COLN ST ALDWYNS PARISH COUNCIL MEETING held in the Vicarage Cottages Barn on Tuesday 29 March 2022 at 7 pm
Present: David Hicks-Beach, John Reeves, Carol Bond, Will Perkins, Helen Forbes and Clare Brignall (Parish Clerk)

  1. There we no apologies for absence.
  2. There were no declarations of interest as item 8 from the agenda had been cancelled
  3. The minutes from the last meeting on 19 January 2022 were approved and signed
  4. The report from District Councillor was read and there were no comments.
  5. The accounts and cheques were signed off.
  6. The Council agreed to give a donation of £100 to the CAB before the end of the tax year.
  7. The council was shown a spread sheet with information about the costs of the grass cutting and strimming in the churchyard and it was agreed to pay £1642.50 for the years 2020/21 and 2021/22. It was also agreed that the church would reduce its mowing regime in order to allow for the wildlife to flourish in the churchyard.
  8. Luke and Abby de Marco did not come to the meeting as they had been told by the land agent, Bruton Knowles, not to attend.
  9. Council heard a report from HF about the possible solutions to the speeding and parking issues in the village. It was agreed that she would make a presentation at the village meeting to be held on the day of the parish council AGM. More information about the overall plan is available on request.
  10. Council heard that the plan to plant another six hornbeams will have to wait until the autumn as it is too late to plant them now. Their purchase has been agreed in combination with the Williamstrip Estate, and the trees have been ordered.
  11. Council heard a report about the plans to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, which includes a party on Sunday 5 June on Compton’s Field from 1 to 5 pm.
  12. It was proposed that as a village we support Ukrainian refugees as a network, with different people offering things that they can do, from housing refugees to teaching them English, and other possibilities. HF is organising a network and has already had many offers from people around the village. She will put them in touch with each other.
  13. Planning applications were discussed. Council has responded to the New Inn’s new plan, which does not now include covering up the flue that they have installed. Council is not happy with this, and nor are other villagers. The application to turn garages into air bnbs has lost at appeal and Williamstrip have started to take down the railings on the Hatherop Road.
  14. There is still no sign of the batteries for Smiley Sid and a councillor proposed calling in at Tiverton on his way to Cornwall and picking these items up. We will continue to contact SG Manufacturing.
  15. Council heard about the work on the playground. There will be a ROSPA inspection next month and two villagers are very helpfully doing small maintenance jobs.
  16. Council was told that there is no longer much water coming down the village since the leak was fixed on the Aldsworth road. However there is still oil leaking into the river at the bridge, and the Environment Agency have been working with Godwins to try to find the source of the oil.
  17. Council was informed that the litter pick was a success, with not as much litter as usual.
  18. The date for the AGM was set as 10 May at 6 pm, to be followed by the village meeting, to which DHB will invite various members of the community to speak. The date for the following meeting was set as Wednesday September 28 at 7pm. Both meetings will be in the Vicarage Cottages Barn.

The meeting ended at 8.10 pm.