Minutes of the first elected Parish Council 1894


held - Tuesday May 22nd 2018 in Angie and Nigel's Barn.                                                


Councillors David Hicks Beach, Caroline Wallis, Terry Davidson, John Reeves, Nigel Bray, Neighbourhood Watch Officer Andrew Major, RFO Ian Powell and Parish Clerk Chris Jackson

1.Elect Chair:
David Hicks Beach was proposed as Chair by John and seconded by Caroline and the Council approved the nomination unanimously
2. There were apologies from Ray Theodolou
3. The Chair signed the declaration of acceptance
4. Standing Orders were approved without change
5. Financial Regulations were approved without change
6. Nigel was confirmed as a co-opted appointment
7. There were no appointments to outside bodies
8. Councillors were reminded to declare any changes to their interests (Action Clerk was requested to find out if Nigel had to complete a declaration of interests form)
9.Governance Statements:
The Council unanimously approved the answer `Yes` to each of the Governance statements on page 5 of the Annual Return. The Council unanimously approved the accounting statements on page 6 of the Annual Return. Pages 3, 5 and 6 were signed by the Chair, RFO and Clerk as appropriate.
10. 2017/2018 Annual Report (attached) was approved by the Council. The Council agreed to split the final balance of £11,652.68 into £4500 into the general working account and £7152.68 into the playground account. Ian explained that the external auditing of the accounts could be complete by one of two options (a)reviewed by an external auditor at a cost of £200 + vat or (b) by signing and issuing a certificate of exemption which must be published on a public website before 02/07/18. The Council agreed to implement the second exemption certificate option
11. The Council reviewed the internal auditor's report (attached). The Council approved the increase in the Clerk's fees (Report Finding 1) and David agreed to remind Mr Robinson that his grass cutting invoicing was two years in arrears (Finding 2)(Action David). The Council thanked Marie-Clare Stone for her thorough audit of the Council's annual accounts.
12. The Council approved the four cheque signatories of David, Ian, John and Caroline
13. The Council approved David as playground inspector
14. The Council approved Caroline as internal playground checker
15. The Council approved Terry as internal accounts checker
16. The Council approved Ian as Defibrillator checker
17. The Clerk presented the number of planning applications over 2017/2018 compared to the past ten years (attached).
The minutes of the last meeting were approved and signed
There were declarations of interest by two Councillors on item 25
20. Matters arising: All the actions agreed at the March meeting had been completed. Mrs Ansell had indicated that despite her concerns over dog mess at the end of her drive, she did not want a `dog bin` placed at the stile at the end of her drive. This item has therefore been closed
22. 2018/2019 Accounts: Ian presented the accounts as at today's date. He had received 75% of the precept (£3405) and the bank account stood at £15057. The Council approved the payment of the PlaySafety invoice (£100) for auditing the playground. The invoices for parishioners to pay for the five newly planted trees had gone out recently. It was agreed to thank Finian Farming for their help in planting the trees and putting up the guards (Action Clerk/Chair).
23. Neighbourhood Watch Officer's Report:
Andrew was pleased to report that security incidents in the village had fallen but the pattern over Gloucestershire showed that we could easily be targeted if we did not continue to put security high in all parishioners' minds. Visiting all houses in the parish offering SmartWater kits on May 19th had taken 2 hours with 42 households signing up and 3 being not interested. 37 were not in and will be followed up by Andrew. 4 PCSOs, 3 coordinators and 10 police cadets had taken part in this signing up exercise. It was agreed to send a letter of thanks to the Police for their support (Action: Andrew to write and submit to David for signature). Parishioners from Quenington and Hatherop had shown interest in signing up for SmartWater protection. The Council agreed (4:1 vote) to purchase three A2 sized metal signs (£50+vat) to be placed on the entrance to the village signs to announce that Coln St Aldwyns was SmartWater protected. The sign should be landscape (Action Clerk/Andrew). The Council agreed that it was unnecessary to purchase any A5 repeater signs.
24: CCTV: The Clerk updated the Council on the slow progress in obtaining expert help to prepare a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA). It was currently expected that this would take place in July (Action Clerk). Andrew said that he had been approached by Richard Wallace regarding low cost camera equipment for security protection. It was felt that this was appropriate for home use rather than for the CCTV equipment that the Council would eventually consider.
25: Planning Applications: There were five planning applications since the last meeting (Details attached). Two were retrospective applications(Ful & LBC) for the railings and wall at the entrance to Williamstrip Hall at the top of Hatherop Hill. Two Councillors declared an interest. After much discussion, it was decided that the Council would not send a letter regarding these two applications but if individual members of the Council felt strongly about the applications, then they should write individually. The deadline date for comments was 25/05/18.
26: Playground: The Council reviewed the recent PlaySafety report on the playground. It was agreed to investigate repairing/replacing (1) the cracked pole on the See Saw (2)The missing bolt and repairs to chain and links on the cableway (3)Obtain a quotation for replacing the platform end of the cableway (4)replace worn rope on Multiplay and (5) obtain a quote for replacing the `little people` swing seats (Action Clerk).
27. Village Meeting (May 30th): David confirmed that the speakers' list was in place; Terry confirmed that drink and glasses were ordered and would be collected on the morning of the event; and the Clerk confirmed that Lindsey had agreed to prepare the nibbles. Councillors were requested to be at the Barn at 1800 hours to set up the chairs etc (Action: All Councillors).
28 Correspondence: The Clerk said that he had received a letter (on file) from the Police stating that the Chief Constable wanted each area to have a named PCSO. There would be two for our area, Gemma Butcher and the second would be named in July. The Council agreed not to make a donation to the Cotswold Friends.
29. Next Meeting: The next meeting would be Wednesday September 19th followed by Wednesday November 28th
The Council thanked Ian Powell profusely for his excellent support with the finances over the previous year
The meeting closed at 2100 hours
Signed Chair                                                                  Signed Clerk






held on Wednesday May 22nd 2018 in N&A's Barn

C Jackson (Parish Clerk)